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Crypostle is an experimental new digital currency that enables public or private, instant
payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Crypostle uses peer-to-peer technology
to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money
are carried out collectively by the network.

Using the Dash Core source code as a solid base; Crypostle Core implements a custom Dynamic Block Reward algorithm and strives to
develop cutting-edge technology for blockchain solutions. Future plans include: Implementing a wallet to wallet RPC protocol,
sidechain and decentralized application frameworks show casing easy to use graphical user interfaces supporting multi-signature transactions.

What is DBR 2.0?

Dynamic Block Reward 2.0 (C) 2017 Crypostle

Adjustments based on network hasrate, previous block difficulty

Simulating real bullion (gold/silver) mining: If the difficulty rate is low; using excessive
work to produce low value blocks does not yield large return rates. When
the ratio of difficulty adjusts and the network hashrate remains constant or declines;
the reward per block will reach the maximum level and thus mining becomes very profitable.
This algorithm is intended to discourage >51% attacks, or malicous miners and reward efforts
of ALL miners on the network, in a fair and decentralized approach. It is also intended to act as
an automatic inflation adjustment based on real network conditions.

- Minimum 1 CXP
- Maximum 50 CXP

What are some Crypostle Features?

- Symbol: CXP
- Premine: NO
- Instamine: NO
- Air drop: NO
- Max coins: 33 million
- Hashing Algorithm: X11 (DGW v3)
- CPU mining: YES
- GPU mining: YES
- ASIC mining: YES
- InstantSend: YES
- PrivateSend: YES
- Masternodes: YES
- Diff retarget: 1 hour
- Halving Interval: 1 year
- Block space: 2.5 minutes
- Maturity: 101 confirmations
- Max Block Size: 128 MB
- Subsidy Base: Dynamic Block Reward 2.0
- Masternode Reward: 20% (approx)
- Masternode Collateral: 10 000 CXP
- Static Protection: Hard-coded Checkpoints
- Dynamic Protection: Double-Spend, Flooding, Dynamic Checkpoints (P2P Consensus)
- BIP32 (HD Wallet)
- BIP44 (multi-coin)
- BIP39 (mnemonic)

Network Information:

- MAINNET P2P Port = 25220
- MAINNET RPC Port = 25221

- TESTNET P2P Port = 25222
- TESTNET RPC Port = 25223

- REGTEST P2P Port = 25224
- REGTEST RPC Port = 25225


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