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BeatCoin - [XBTS] [X11] [POS: 2.6% Annual] [message #62] Wed, 15 February 2017 08:31
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The idea of a digital currency in a decentralized system with a trustless consensus provided by strong cryptography is a new proposition in the history of music. Beatcoin focus on the music world ,and aims to provide a solid choice for industry professionals.

From the most amateur composer, to the greatest dj,everybody can use beatcoin Employs a called Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism to achieve the trustless consensus over the decentralized network. A method of securing the network. This hands the creation of new Beatcoin back into the hands of the users and Beatcoin holders and away from large 'miners' and 'mining' farms. This ensures that Beatcoin is fair for all and that everyone using Beatcoin is rewarded in accordance with their holdings and commitment to run wallets to secure the network on the X11 algorithm that was introduced with Darkcoin (now known as Dash) and is based around a series of 11 strong cryptographic proofs to verify transactions on the block-­‐ chain. This makes the transactions extremely secure without having a significant impact on performance and future development Through various means. PoS, miners compete for newly issued coins based not on the amount of electricity and computing resources spent, but rather on the number of coins owned. This crucial difference effectively eliminates the operating costs incurred in PoW mining, replacing them with the capital costs of holding coins (the "stake"). System that rewards the miners for securing the network. They do this by minting POS blocks. Pos blocks are similar to Pow or proof of work blocks. Except no power hungry mining is required to earn them. They secure the network in the same way as POW blocks and make 51% attacks very difficult. You would need to have a sufficient amount of the currency up to 51% as well as 51% of the hashpower to invalidate both the POS and POW blocks making a 51% attack very costly to the malicious person. Beatcoin virtually has no operating costs in PoS, transaction fees are far lower than in PoW Beatcoin doesn't suffer from gradual centralization as , because all PoS miners earn the same rate of return on their coins (the "interest rate") regardless of computing hardware or electricity costs.Besides there can be no misalignment between miners and coin holders, since they are by definition one and the same.

Hashing Algorithm:
Block Time: 2.5 Minute
Difficulty Retarget: 100000.0
Block Explorer:
Block Explorer:
Apple Wallet: 0
Windows Wallet:!yEMxSSiC!ZTRY2VYq3gnv9E3oLdIfNJ-36VrnMmZUS IjyLIYxjac
Linux Wallet:!h1BWHKaC!bqpn5fj0sSC19DsptWeNZzJ2P4LnoHdyO bFI6ICmyS4



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