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Transfercoin - [TX] [X11] [POW/POS] [message #55] Wed, 11 January 2017 00:37
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Symbol: TX
Algorithm: X11 Hybrid
POW to block 15 000
POS from block 15 000
From block 57 000. Block reward is 1 TX per block.
9% APR
60 sec per block
Difficulty adjusts every block
Coin Maturity 80 Blocks (After you've received the coins in your wallet, 80 Blocks must pass before the coins are spendable.)
Min. stake age ~24 hours. (Coins have to be in the wallet for 24 hours before the network will allow them to stake)
No Premine, No IPO, No ICO.

Block Explorer:


Full automated TOR client in wallet.
Transfer utilizes the TOR network, an open-source utility trusted by millions to help protect their privacy.

Wallet Trading
We now have Bittrex trading available in ALL of our updated wallets.

One of our most noted features we call "Cross Sending". This is a custom build by infernoman.
Which allows you to send bitcoin right from your TransferCoin wallet, utilizing the Bittrex trading in the wallet.

Masternodes cost 10 000 TX and earn 50% of the mining rewards.
Masternodes have the ability to stake their rewards. (We are the only crypto with Masternodes that do this.

Android wallet
Staking with working masternodes and encrypted messaging. Includes all functionality of our desktop wallets as of 2/22/2016

As crypto-currencies make their way into the mainstream society, privacy is an increasing concern.
We aim to provide an end-to-end privacy solution with our multiple integrations of stealth techniques.

Stealth addresses

Stealth addresses are a way for a payer and a payee to have a private exchange of funds.

Darksend (From DASH Core)
Darksend is the feature that gives Transfer users full privacy when they use it. It is an improved and extended version of the CoinJoin. In addition to the core concept of CoinJoin, we employ a series of improvements such as decentralization, strong anonymity by using a chaining approach , denominations and passive ahead­of­time mixing.

Encrypted Messaging

This allows users to send messages to each other over the Transfer Network, without exposing IP or Routing information of the messages.

We are currently the only altcoin with a full implementation of secp256k1 for ecdsa sig's. 9C%93&q=secp256k1

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